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Thor: Tales of Asgard (Eng/2011)
16.03.2012, 21:45
Thor: Tales of Asgard (Eng/2011)

Tales of Asgard takes place well before Thor would become the mighty God of Thunder. His strength is anything but superhuman. He wields no otherworldly powers. This teenager has yet to seize hold of Mjolnir, the mystic hammer that would go on to be the adult Thor's weapon of choice. There's nothing vaguely heroic about him at all, really. The Thor we're introduced to at the outset is a sheltered, arrogant whelp. He's never stepped foot outside the palace grounds of Asgard. He's so wrapped up in himself that Thor fails to recognize that the warriors he battles in the arena are letting him win. His father Odin and brother Loki do their damndest to keep propping up that façade. When Thor with his masterfully crafted, jewel-encrusted sword is effortlessly bested in battle by Sif -- a teenaged girl with nothing more than a bucket and a broken pitchfork -- his illusions come crumbling down. Thor thirsts for a real adventure, so he and Loki stow themselves away on the flying ship of the Warriors Three. The prize is the legendary sword of the fire giant Surtur...a treasure that countless Asgardians have chased but never been able to unearth. The treasure hunt at first glance seems to go according to plan, but the sword's dark power proves to be more than Thor can handle, and a war between the Frost Giants and Asgard quickly erupts because of it. Returning the sword should quell those fires, but Thor and his companions are still a world away...

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